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Chantal Thomass, the famous designer lingerie, known for its ultra feminine collections, offers you a line of umbrellas audacious and very glamorous.

Different models, which unveil the umbrella to you in another day.

All subtle, succumb to the call of the ruffles, frills, knots or even naughty laces.
The collection of Chantal Thomass umbrellas by Guy de Jean is created to seduce you and make you sexy, even in the rain!

Since 2000, working with Guy de Jean, Chantal Thomass has put all her creative force and her audacity into developing her irresistable line of umbrellas, using lace, lacing, and other detailing…creating original, eye-catching, glamourous umbrellas and parasols.



Chantal Thomass Umbrella- Dentelle Chantal Thomass-Folding Umbrella- CT977 Chantal Thomass-Mini Umbrella- CT409 Black
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