Hair Accessories Headbands




In Kosmart hair accessories range you can find many different styles, sizes and colors headbands. Machine made headbands are more simple and suitable for daily use as a technical hair accessory to hold your hair well.
Hand made range is much more sophisticated and exceptional. Hand made headbands are rather your hair jewelry than a hair holder. The precious bio-plastic that we use for manufacturing hand made headbands is called callulose acetate, which have a feature to be flexible and after wearing some time it adjusts to the shape of your head - thus you will not feel any tension on your head. Most of our hand made headbands feature a small accessory (like a butterfly, bun) or original Swarovski(R) crystal on it, which makes it even more elegant. Each hand made headband has a small teeth inside to hold your hair well. Hand made range also is not covered with outside color, but color is injected inside the cellulose acetate material, so even after wearing the headband some time - scratches won't be so visible and your hair jewel will always look nice.


Oui Madame No Bad Hair Day Pretty Cobra
AUD 15.00
AUD 20.00
AUD 22.50
Snaky Feeling Jungle Fewer Fancy Pantsy
AUD 29.50
AUD 29.50
AUD 75.00
Next Day Flower Cosy Place Through You Window
AUD 100.00
AUD 35.00
AUD 39.00
Creamy Dream Wavy Step Stranger Danger
AUD 49.00
AUD 93.00
AUD 20.00
Black-A-Boo Better Than Ever Head Around
AUD 15.00
AUD 52.50
AUD 26.75
Out of Stock
Lucky Me
AUD 15.00