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Olive Oil French Soap Flakes

Olive Oil French Soap Flakes
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The soap used to make these flakes have been manufactured by Savonnerie Le Serail in Marseille, France for over 60 years.

Le Serail still uses vintage equipment and traditional methods, thus preserving all the necessary steps needed to manufacture traditional soap. For this they have yielded the label "Living Heritage Company" awarded by the CCI Marseille.

French Soap Flakes are recommended for hand washing delicate clothing and can also be used in your washing machine from 30 degrees.

Net weight: 1kg

Bag Size: 25 x 22 x10cm approx.

*please note the bag in image is out of stock so you will receive in clear bag


Add half a cup of soap flakes directly into the washing machine

Tips: for more efficiency, dissolve the soap flakes in warm water

Add essential oil for fragrance.