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Guy de Jean

Guy de Jean have manufactured umbrellas in France since 1920, they cover all facets of umbrellas 

including: mens umbrellas, women's umbrellas, long umbrellas and folding umbrellas.

Stay chic in the rain through a wide choice of models from their increasingly innovative collections.

If you are seeking chic umbrellas, luxury umbrellas or an original and simple umbrella, you will always find them in Guy de Jean's collections. 

All Guy de Jean umbrellas are very solid and of the highest quality from their French know-how.

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Chantal Thomass- 
Jean Paul Gaultier

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In 1920 aunt Agathe manufactured old umbrellas and sunshades in a shop in Paris.

Two decades later, Guy de Jean, young new wave stylist on a visit to Paris, met his future wife Christiane and gives birth to the brand and style of Jean Guy.

Soon, because of the development of the case, Mr and Mrs Guy Jean settled in a small village in central France “Donzy”, close to Paris and to well known villages of Pouilly-sur-Loire and Sancerre .

In 1990, Pierre de Jean took charge of the case to give it a more international dimension. His wife Catherine joined the fast.

Since then, always very creative and varied collections are constantly changing, ever more originality, elegance.

New techniques, new ideas, choosing fabrics, handles, the expertise and the style unique to Guy de Jean,

and exercise a greater development and a recognized reputation of the biggest names.

Guy de Jean French Umbrella Manufacturing


The Living Heritage Entreprise Label (EPV) was awarded to Guy de Jean, by Frédéric Lefebvre, Secretary of State for enterprises.

This label recognizes the rare, famous and ancestral expertise of Guy de Jean, based on the mastery of traditional techniques wich are a real guarantee of quality.

Guy de Jean is proud to be one of the French family company that share the values of the Living Heritage Entreprise Label (EPV).

Chantal Thomass
Chantal Thomass
Jean Paul Gaultier
Jean Paul Gaultier