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Gentlemen's Umbrellas

Fresh from the latest Paris exhibitions these umbrellas are a statement of style and practical fashion for every man.
Fashioned to shield against the elements and with UV protection, using only the finest polyesters and nylons, some with a Teflon coating to protect against marks and stains.
Easy operation, wide canopy and tough supports make these umbrellas very durable and long lasting.
All come with a 12 month warranty against faulty material and workmanship.
Brands include: Guy de Jean and Jean Paul Gaultier.


Guy de Jean 4600 Men's Folding Umbrella Guy de Jean Longchamp Umbrella Guy de Jean Umbrella Nickel Horse Head Handle
AUD 78.00
AUD 340.00
AUD 189.00
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Guy de Jean Umbrella-Bristol Guy De Jean-Micro Umbrella 5002 Brown Jean Paul Gaultier "Marius" Cream Umbrella
AUD 79.99
AUD 45.00
AUD 85.00
Jean Paul Gaultier Umbrellas Marius Red Jean Paul Gaultier-227 Folding Umbrella
AUD 85.00
AUD 89.00
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