French Umbrellas Gentlemen's Umbrellas



Gentlemen's Umbrellas

Fresh from the latest Paris exhibitions these umbrellas are a statement of style and practical fashion for every man.
Fashioned to shield against the elements and with UV protection, using only the finest polyesters and nylons, some with a Teflon coating to protect against marks and stains.
Easy operation, wide canopy and tough supports make these umbrellas very durable and long lasting.
All come with a 12 month warranty against faulty material and workmanship.
Brands include: Guy de Jean and Jean Paul Gaultier.


Jean Paul Gaultier Umbrellas Marius Red Guy de Jean 4600 Men's Folding Umbrella Jean Paul Gaultier-227 Folding Umbrella
AUD 80.00
AUD 78.00
AUD 89.00
Guy de Jean Umbrella-Bristol Guy De Jean Umbrella- Mustang Guy de Jean Longchamp Umbrella
AUD 79.99
AUD 135.00
AUD 340.00
Guy De Jean-Folding Umbrella-102147-Cat Guy De Jean-Folding Umbrella-102147-Dog Guy De Jean-Folding Umbrella-102147-Rabbit
AUD 99.00
AUD 99.00
AUD 99.00