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Hair barrettes and hair clips are one of the most popular product group of hair accessories. Kosmart product range has more than 200 different shapes and colors hair barrettes and all of them are manufacted in Europe - France and Lithuania. You can easily find hair barrette, which would meet your personal needs - if you are looking something simple and economical to wear, while you are at home, maybe something more sophisticated and elegant for the time, when you are at work or maybe extraordinary hair barrette for your special occasion hand decorated with hundreds of Swarovski(R) stones ? They all are here. All Kosmart hair barrettes are manufactured only from highest grade raw materials. The metals parts that are used are manufactured in France and they are free of nickel - the allergen, which can often cause different kind of allergies. So, even if you have skin allergy to nickel - you are free to use Kosmart hairclips, because they don't have nickel in their metal part. Some of our more luxury hair barrettes have a gold color metal part - and this part is covered in actual gold, which gives even more protection to different kind of metal allergies. If you like when your hair feels very light and you want to use only a small clip for your front hair side, we recommend to use hair barrettes with plastic part instead of metal, cause they are lighter and more friendly to your hair.
The plastic that we use for our hair barrettes range is also exclusively made in Italy. The chemical name of the plastic is cellulose acetate and it is well known for its eco-friendliness - cause its main ingredients are wood and cotton.
Most of our hair barrettes are hand decorated with different kinds of Swarovski(R) stones. Each season Kosmart, together with Swarovski(R) are developing new collections to meet current fashion trends and colors of the season.


Blue Magic Gift Busy Twins Happy-Go-Lucky
AUD 47.99
AUD 38.50
AUD 39.00
Work with Style This is the Day! Skinny Hair
AUD 44.90
AUD 94.75
AUD 39.00
Business Woman Charming Eight Half Way To Science
AUD 46.00
AUD 69.00
AUD 48.75
Imperial Fix Noble Crystal Another Direction
AUD 65.00
AUD 25.00
AUD 16.99
Flying Amber Positivus Addicted to Salmon
AUD 26.00
AUD 39.00
AUD 100.00
Shimmering Violet Color Interaction Ode To Varnelis
AUD 63.00
AUD 45.00
AUD 59.00
Optical Illusion Responsive Eye Running View
AUD 49.00
AUD 39.00
AUD 49.00
Amber Shield Baltic Gold Burma Ruby
AUD 45.00
AUD 15.00
AUD 52.00
Caretaker Cupid Arrow Flare To Dare
AUD 100.00
AUD 20.50
AUD 20.00
Option B Perfect Gift Seen in Space
AUD 49.99
AUD 59.50
AUD 65.00