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Hair Snaps

Select Hair Snaps from the most simple to the most decorated with original crystal from Swarovski(R).
Hair snaps (or "click clack") hair items are usually used to fix a small amount of hair on your front or back side of hair. You can use these hair snaps as a hair holder or a hair decoration as well.
In Kosmart click clack range you will find two types of metal parts - one is made of metal alloy free of nickel, which protects you from nickel allergies (silver color), and the other is plated with real gold (gold color).
We have also two types of plastic - one is machine made and mainly used for daily wear, and the other one is hand made. Hand made range is made of cellulose acetate plastic, which is hand polished to perfection. Most of hand made items also carry different kinds of Swarovski(R) stones, which makes them a perfect gift present or a beautiful decoration to your own hair style.
You can use hair snaps whatever your hair volume or hair thickness is, because it is designed to be more not as a technical hair holder, but rather a beautiful add-on to your perfect hairstyle!


Enlarged Snake Button Gold, I Love You! Great Barrier
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Innocence Rose Tattoo State of Flux
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Tokyo, I Love You
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