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Hair Sticks

Would you like to have a Japenese style hair look with a hand made hair sticks completing your look? Select any style you like! Hair sticks and pins are one of the oldest range of hair accessories dating to the stone age. Kosmart hair pin range suggests a variety of length, thickness and color pins, which would fit your hair volume and hair color. You can choose more technical pins to hold your hairdo or find more elegant pins to become more as a hair look decoration and addition, especially if you choose the ones, which are decorated with original crystals from Swarovski(R).


Romantique Out of Line Fortunate Me
AUD 24.99
AUD 40.00
AUD 55.00
Bend Me in Pink Classic Jewel First Choice
AUD 25.00
AUD 80.00
AUD 30.00
Curved Way Down Knick-Knack Loop on You
AUD 20.00
AUD 15.00
AUD 35.00
Feels like a Snake Warm Elegance Make it Right
AUD 37.50
AUD 30.00
AUD 25.00