Manufacturers Kosmart




Kosmart is not just a brand, which suggests a full range of hair accessories.

Kosmart is made to help every woman set her imagination free and express herself in the way she wants to feel and be seen.

Kosmart concept states that beauty is in the details and the brand tries to provide these unconventional Hand Made details to You!

The precious Cellulose Acetate (bio-plastic) used has up to 95% natural ingredients such as wood or cotton and hand-encrusted finest quality Swarovski© crystals adorn most Kosmart accessories, with a unique code confirming their authenticity.


Swarovski Crystals Authenticity


Making Kosmart Hair Accessories in France.

Their manufacturing facilities are located in France and Lithuania, where careful and precise work in designing and creating hair accessories is made by professional craftsmen.

Their packaging, handling and distribution center is located in EU (Lithuania) in order to make more efficient shipping to all Europe, Asia and USA.

Their company was established in 1992. Currently VITRINA LTD. is responsible for retailing of Kosmart Hair Accessories and KOSMART LTD. is responsible for manufacturing, wholesaling, distributing and marketing.




Another Direction Ladybird Night Creature
AUD 16.99
AUD 18.00
AUD 24.00
Spring is all Around Golden Barrette Golden Bow
AUD 20.00
AUD 15.00
AUD 15.00
Golden Brick Pinky Stripes Red Stripes
AUD 15.00
AUD 29.00
AUD 29.00
White Stripes Charming Eight Half Way To Science
AUD 29.00
AUD 69.00
AUD 48.75
Imperial Fix Golden Contour Classic Jewel
AUD 65.00
AUD 29.00
AUD 80.00
Curved Way Down Romantique Snake n' Straight
AUD 20.00
AUD 24.99
AUD 55.99
Pussy Cat Skinny Hair Long and Thin (3 designs available)
AUD 35.00
AUD 39.00
AUD 26.75
This is the Day! Blue Magic Gift Busy Twins
AUD 94.75
AUD 47.99
AUD 38.50
Happy-Go-Lucky Work with Style
AUD 39.00
AUD 44.90