French Umbrellas Short Umbrellas

Short Umbrellas

Fresh from the latest Paris exhibitions and paraded on the Catwalks of fashion. Fashioned to shield against rain and with UV protection, using only the finest polyesters and nylons, some with a Teflon coating to protect against marks and stains. Easy operation, conveniently fits into a hand bag or glove box, shallow canopy make these umbrellas very durable and long lasting. All come with a 12 month warranty against faulty material and workmanship. 

                          .150 hours burning time                                                                         150 hours burning time                                                                           *below are the umbrellas we currently have in stock.


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Guy de Jean Paris 1900 Folding Umbrella
Jean Paul Gaultier-227 Folding Umbrella
Jean Paul Gaultier-39 Folding Umbrella
Guy de Jean 3405 Paris Walk Folding Umbrella
Guy De Jean Umbrella-3405 Pont des Art Bridge
Guy De Jean-Eiffel-Folding Umbrellas
Guy De Jean Umbrella 5010
Guy De Jean Umbrella- 7046
GDJ-4002 Available in 6 colours
Jean Paul Gaultier 209-bis (3 colours available)
Guy de Jean 4600 Men's Folding Umbrella
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