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Laulhere Beret Basque Black Lurex

Laulhere Beret Basque Black Lurex
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Beret Basque Black Lurex

This model showcases the real French beret. It takes the essential characteristics of the authentic Basque beret while reinventing them to make it a trendy beret. The result: an explosive mix of traditional codes and modernity. A touch of gold lurex thread brings a very glamorous "gold dust" effect.

All the emblematic codes of the beret are here magnified and perfectly finished to offer you an exceptional product:

  • The "cabillou", that is to say the famous little tail so distinctive of the beret, inseparable from this wonderful headgear.
  • The leather headband, accented with an electric blue edging, matched with its "bouffette".
  • The midnight blue satin headdress that doubles the interior is adorned with a beautiful embroidered badge embodying the heraldic codes of the old traditional shields and proudly displaying the colors of the house Laulhère.

Beret made in France. 
Tray diameter : according to size, from 25 to 32 cm
Authentic by Laulhère rivet in silver finish metal.
Comes with its storage box. 
Available in sizes: Small.

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  • Base in French merino wool, knitted and felted in our workshops at the foot of the French Pyrenees.
  • Headband in full grain cow leather.
  • Satin interior.
  • Patch woven in France.



Machine wash is excluded for felted merino wool. Hand washing or dry cleaning is preferable. 
In case of stain, blot with absorbent paper and clean with a soft brush or a natural sponge soaked in warm, slightly soapy water, avoiding excessive wetting of the beret and the leather edge. Leave to dry at room temperature and finish with a gentle brushing. 
Tip: To give a fresh boost to your beret: apply a little dry shampoo, let dry a few moments and then brush.


Felted merino wool is a material with exceptional qualities, however it easily captures dust, textile fibers and animal hair.We therefore recommend using an adhesive textile brush. 
Tip:  Lightly moisten the palm of your hand and gently rub the surface of your beret into circles, the dust will form a ball that you will only have to remove to find a clean beret.

To protect your beret best it is recommended after each use to store it flat in its cardboard box, protected from dust.