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Laulhère, The reference name in French berets since 1840.

At Laulhère we understand that quality requires an excellence that comes from human intervention and attention to detail.

Their hand crafted production, our culture and our 175 years of existence make Laulhère a very unique brand. The Laulhère factory stands on the same spot since its creation in 1840, nestled in the foothills of the Pyrenées Mountains in a town called Oloron-St-Marie.

With unsurpassed raw materials, traditional hand-crafted production, and age-old know-how, Laulhère’s workshops all come together to make the beret a noble product. It takes two full working days to make one, and sometimes longer, and a vast number of checks and adjustments to make each item a unique piece.

Their products are made of pure Merino virgin wool from the best flocks around the world. A noble and living raw material which through a complex manufacturing process gives us the high quality we are famous for: softness, water resistance and durability, thanks to exceptionnaly fine and sense fibres.