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Le Beret Francais

The Beret Factory in the South-West (64)

The beret factory "Le Béret Français®" is based in the South-West (64 obliges), more exactly in Béarn, cradle of the beret that was invented by the local shepherds. The highlighting and modernization of know-how passed down from generation to generation through a very current and easy to wear range of models are two essential points of our creation.

With an excellent quality / price ratio, our beret is 100% made in France and exists in 24 colors, but also with exclusive multicolored models.

Their craftsmen guarantee:

- A quality of finished product in the respect of the regional know-how.

- The perpetuation of a craft and a French know-how.

- The manufacture of 100% made in France according to a real local and traditional know-how.


 The manufacture of berets

A very traditional recipe, with a touch of ingenuity.

Pascal and Evelyne, at the controls of the Laas workshop, spent their lives in the beret. They have chosen to join the Béret Français® adventure, and are not disappointed! Each beret will spend 10 times in their hands, to one or the other.

How is a beret made?

The first step knitting, with a fine wool and quality, that we buy in the Pyrenees. The latter will be knitted and carefully checked by expert hands and eyes.

Come the crowding. As soon as we knit 150 berets, after 2 days, we put the lot in a fuller, like a big washing machine, thanks to a special recipe, "tuck in" the beret, which means to felter it 'to its ideal size of 28 cm in diameter.

Then enformage, one by one, on a wooden form. Then drying all night. The next morning, the deenforming and shaving.

After one last check, hop the beret is ready! It took a week of work, and 10 times the beret was taken over!


Le Béret Français Classic Beret Black Le Béret Français Classic Beret Blue Le Béret Français Classic Beret Mustard
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Le Béret Français Classic Beret Red
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