Rainbow Dream

Rainbow Dream collection of hair accessories was globally introduced in 2017 Summer. The main accent of the collection is to play with beautiful and expressive colours. We often are bored of popular colours and colour combinations, thus Rainbow Dream was introduced. Accessories in this collection have pink, blue, yellow, hazel nut, green, red, white and other colours and this wide selection gives opportunity to match your outfit with selected hair accessories. Collection is updated and supplemented with new colours each year to be in on the same way with fashion industry. All hair accessories in this collection are hand made in Europe from bio-plastic material. The metal parts that are used are made in France with nickel-free metal.


Gold, I Love You! Second Round Salmon Dots
AUD 15.00
AUD 39.00
AUD 29.00
Pinky Dots Red Shield Pinky Stripes
AUD 29.00
AUD 18.00
AUD 29.00