Sparkling Geyser

The Sparking Geyser collection was created in the summer of 2017. It consist of beautiful hair accessories with the collection divided into 2 colours - Golden & Silver sparking glitters, which definetely attract everyones attention. The collection is made of simple and elegant shapes, but the glitters inside the hair accessories makes this line to be very expressive. 

All accessories from this line are hand made of precious cellulose acetate plastic from Italy and hypoallergenic metal parts made in France, which don't have nickel inside in order to reduce any possible allergic reaction to metal.

In this collection you will find easy-to-use ponytail holders, hair barrettes and hair snaps in a variety of sizes from small to large.


Geyser Silver Eruption Golden Barrette Golden Bow
AUD 18.00
AUD 15.00
AUD 15.00
Golden Brick Golden Dream Silver Bow
AUD 15.00
AUD 50.00
AUD 15.00
Silver Dream
AUD 35.00