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Side Combs

These are not just ordinary combs! They are side-combs to give a perfect look to your hair! Select the colour and shape, which match your style! Hair side-combs are usually used for medium to long hair styles. You can choose frequent and small teeth combs if you have a thin hair and small hair volume, or you can choose large teeth side comb if you have a large hair volume and thick hair. Side-combs let you create you hair style literally in minutes, so you don't need to spend hours to create a perfect hairdo for your daily wear.
Kosmart's product range consist of hand made hair side combs as well as of machine made. If you want to have flexible, smooth edge side combs choose the hand made range. These side combs are manufactured from cellulose acetate material, which is up to 95 % made of wood and cotton. They are also hand polished to brilliant shine and all rough edges are removed in order not to scratch your scalp as well as not to entangle your hair. Kosmart is always bringing out new hair side combs, so be sure to come back each month to check it out new accessories for your hair!


Comb'Nation Gippsy Trick Going Incognito
AUD 42.90
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AUD 50.59
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AUD 19.80
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Snake n' Straight
AUD 61.59
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