Place of Brown Trees

Kosmart's newest collection "Place of Brown Trees" is the combination of innovation & respect to our past.
Usually the hair accessories, that they make are made of cellulose acetate - which is already most eco-friendly material, however, our new collections is made of new raw material, called M49, which is even one step more to being the most natural, eco-friendly producer that they can be.
The M49 material is made of the most widely spread organic compound in nature, produced from cotton and wood-pulp fibers - manufactured under a new formulation using substances from renewable sources.
In a time of continuous increase of sensitivity to nature and of attention more and more inclined towards eco-friendly products, Kosmart – has started using M49 raw material, which well perceives the new needs of our planet and of our market. In its new formulation, the percentage of components deriving from natural sources has been increased. Cellulose Acetate is a polymer deriving from Cellulose, therefore from renewable sources widely present in nature. The process covers the treatment of two types of fibers: fibers from seeds (cotton) and fibers from wood (conifers and broad leaves).
M49 has undergone exhaustive tests at specialized laboratories and has been declared 100% biodegradable
M49 is recyclable and can be re-worked with different technologies giving life to many new products
The natural derivation of M49 can also be "touched" with a pleasant effect of "warm & silky", which allows to sense a luxury, which can only come out from natural substances like the M49 has.


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